What series do they qualify for?2019-11-12T22:37:48+00:00

It varies. Most fellows qualify for the 0401 series. Please consult with HR to determine classification, especially for those series with specific semester hour requirements (e.g. 0482, 0485, 0486, etc.).

What grade do they qualify for?2019-11-12T22:51:12+00:00

As part of the DFP, fellows must complete a 4-year or higher degree program. Grade is generally based on education. OPM’s qualifications for using education to qualify for professional and scientific positions are:

  • Undergraduate Degree:   GS-05 or GS-07 if superior academic achievement
  • Master’s Degree:  GS-09
  • D. Degree:  GS-11
Where is [insert name]’s profile?2019-11-12T22:42:15+00:00

They may not be eligible yet. Eligibility requires that they finish their summer fellowship, return to school and complete their degree(s), and submit official transcripts. In addition, a fellow’s profile is removed once placement is pending.

How often is the portal updated?2019-11-12T22:42:47+00:00

Regularly. Fellows are added to the portal as they become eligible. New profiles are generally added around graduation time (December, June, and September). You can search the candidate database by ‘date posted’. Fellows are also removed once placement is pending.

What are my next steps? How do I contact a DFP Fellow?2021-06-25T16:44:48+00:00

Once you have identified a fellow or they have expressed interest in a job posting, the hiring manager should contact the HR DFP POC, Kameron Martinez (kameron_martinez@fws.gov) and provide the name(s) of the fellow(s) and a classified PD.

Click this link to access the JAO Guidance document for more information!


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